Clinical Applications

Patients with heart artery disease often undergo a test, performed just before stent placement, to determine the way the blood flows past a potential blockage. This “pressure wire” test only indirectly measures flow and can’t give any insight into the state of the tiny, critical arteries in the heart which are often disproportionally affected in women and diabetic people. Many are therefore sent home without a firm diagnosis of microvascular disease, and therefore miss out being prescribed important medication.

EML actively engages with patient advocacy groups to ensure our clinical solutions address their concern about their conditions.

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Each product within the current pipeline has a range of clinical utility in a number of different areas, however, the iKOrTM platform can also be potentially applied to many others where minimally invasive access is used and current sensing and imaging modalities provide sub-optimal information to the clinician.

Applications areas under active review are as follows: