Patient Needs

Clinical Applications

EML is addressing three key patient groups with the iKOsTM Microcatheter


Women who are admitted to hospital each year with a heart attack a study at the University of Leeds showed:

Women had a 50% higher chance than men of receiving the wrong initial diagnosis


Women with STEMI had a 59% greater chance of misdiagnosis compared with men


1/3 of women patients had an initial diagnosis which differed from their final diagnosis


Women with NSTEMI had a 41% greater chance of misdiagnosis compared with men

Of the two main types of heart attack STEMI (total blockage of a heart artery) and NSTEMI (partial blockage of one or more heart arteries).


3.8M people in the UK diagnosed with Diabetes

32% of these will have cardiovascular disease
Cardiovascular disease responsible for death in over 50% of all diabetic patients

2x risk of coronary disease in diabetes, and twice as likely to die from cardiovascular cause than those without diabetes mellitus.

Endothelial dysfunction and microvascular disease is a major mechanism of heart disease in diabetes.

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